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Although this modest club exists since the eighties, (see photographs below of a competition held in 1987) it has been reorganised and    legalised in 2003 as to promote friendship and times of leisure by the means of this noble sport. ballesteros
ball Cancelada Golf Club organises regularly competitions during the year, the most important one being the “Cancelada Fair” one which goes back almost 30 years. The events hare held usually in “open” fashion, i.e. anybody federated and with a regular handicap can play with all the rights to trophies and prizes if provided. One thing, yes: Greenfee will be slightly increased for non members.
There is no limit to the number of members to our club. Anyone, male or female, who might want to join will be perfectly welcome, filling in a simple form, being this hardcopy or online and this way enjoy all the different advantages provided to our members (offers, reduced green fees on many courses, etc.) Condition to become a member is to be federated in (we can take care of that). Cost of membership is 40 € at inscription and 60 € annual quote which has been the same since 2003 lady

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